The History of NTC

Discipleship Training Centre (i.e. Nepal Theological College) was started in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal in 1978. This college was started after 40 days of Bible Study program. In the initial days, the college provided three month of course on Bible subjects. The students were mostly from Kathmandu and the surrounding districts. Later in 1980, the college extended its course from three months to ten months. In 1981, with the beginning of Assemblies of God of Nepal (AGN), Discipleship Training Centre was recognized as a training centre of AGN. The first formal graduation of Discipleship Training Centre took place in September 1982 where five students were graduated. In the year 1999, the college started two years of Diploma in Theology program. This program helped the student to understand a deeper meaning of ministry. In 2005, this diploma course was extended for three years. And from 2007 onwards the college started Bachelor of Theology program. And now the college has been renamed as Nepal Theological College.

Since many years Nepal Theological College has helped the students to grow more mature in Christ and has helped them to understand the deep meaning of the Bible. As a result, the students are able to do a great ministry and are able to plant many churches all around the country as well as outside. The students who passed out of this college have been a great blessing in the Christian field in sharing the gospel.