Student Life

Nepal Theological College’s Facilities¬†

Nepal Theological College is situated in the center of Kathmandu Valley. This college is surrounded with hills and mountains. The college has its own building. The present facilities of this college include:

  • An auditorium/chapel which accommodates about 300 people.
  • Spacious class room.
  • Separate hostel rooms for girls and boys.
  • Separate rooms for the married couples.
  • A cafeteria accommodating 200 people.
  • Library having 7,000 volumes of books and 11 periodicals.

Spiritual Formation

Nepal Theological College is committed to the building up of Christian life and character. The college activities, including chapel services and hostel prayers are designed to provide opportunities for spiritual growth. The Fasting prayer day, and other activities of spiritual formation is an integral part of the college. The faculty and staff are also committed to the spiritual formation of students and are available for pastoral care and guidance. The community helps in the development of Christian character, gifts and spiritual life of a person.

Sports and Cultural Activities 

Nepal Theological College provides a sport field and other basic facilities for regular games and sports activities. The students during their free time enjoy the sport facilities which the college provides.

The college also has certain cultural activities where the community as a whole gathers together for certain programs.