General Information


Interested candidates must file a completed formal application on or before the 15th of May for each year. Nepal Theological College does not discriminate against candidates on the basis of gender, marital status, origin, language and denomination. The application form of Nepal Theological College is provided at the college office in Satdobato school, Kathmandu. The interested candidate is requested to obtain the form from the college office – or download the complete package now.

Requirement for Admission:

For getting admission into Nepal Theological College the following qualifying factors are very essential:

  1. Should experience being born again/ sound testimony.
  2. Should have assurance of God’s call for the ministry.
  3. Should have basic training on discipleship.
  4. Should have Church Membership Certificate.
  5. Should have good Christian character.
  6. Should have a great desire to pursue academic studies.
  7. Should have willingness to work hard.
  8. Should have good physical and mental health.
  9. Should be willing to abide by the rules, regulations, and ethos of the college.
  10. Should read this letter (in Nepali) and complete the forms listed below:
    • A reference letter from the applicant’s pastor (in the form attached with the application).
    • A letter from an official of the applicant’s church or organization, in the case of sponsorship.
    • Two letters of recommendation from a responsible Christian Leader or friend (Reference One or Reference Two).
    • History of past illnesses and medication if any, should be disclosed on the Medical certificate.
    • Other forums:

The Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for the short term course and two year diploma courses are in Nepali. The medium of instruction for the B.Th program is in English.

Grading and Examination

To pass any course, the student should receive a minimum of C- grade in that particular course. Final grade for the course is calculated from final examination and continuous assessment (assignment, research paper, presentation etc). The final examination will be of two hour duration.  NTC follows the following grading scale:


















 Minimum   %











Below 40

Practical Ministry

Nepal Theological College gives preference to the spiritual and ministerial formation of the student. The students are expected to participate in practical ministry during their study days as well as in their holidays.

During the Saturday, the students are sent to different churches to help the pastor in various activities of the church. The students are also taken to various different places to share the gospel. Under the supervision of the faculty, the students are taken to different churches to take part in the service.

During the holidays of Christmas and annual end the students are expected to do ministry in their own chosen places. The students are responsible to find out his/her appropriate ministry settings.

Financial Information

Nepal Theological College is financially supported by students’ fees, church contributions, free-will offerings from friends and well wishers. Individual and family scholarships for the students are sought with prayers. Churches, Organizations, Friends and well wishers are encouraged to help the college financially if they are led by the Lord. The cost per student per year is US$ 1200. The program is for three years. If any one is interested to sponsor a student, we encourage you to do so and be a part in this wonderful ministry of the Lord. We will provide all the detail information of the student you sponsor for this theological education.